TubeMate APK 2019 – An Alternative of Vidmate

Many people prefer to spend their leisure time watching their favorite videos and when it comes to fun, I must recommend viewing Tubemate apk 2019. With so many channels available currently, it is quite easy to find a variety of fun visual content. From pranks to music videos, the options are endless.

If you watch videos to make the most of your free time on any app Tubemate 2019 or Vidmate APK, you are likely to download them to rewatch these clips later as well, especially your favorite ones. You can download as many videos as you want but the only problem is a top-notch video downloader.

When it comes to saving visual content, you need an app that does not only ensure fast downloading, but it lets you enjoy high-quality content as well. This is where many people struggle as finding the best video downloader with both features is a rare case.

App downloaders like vidmate are considered as these decent applications allow you to download your favorite videos. Apart from this, you can save multiple media files, music, and countless videos not only for your Android handset but a tablet as well.

Let’s take Vidmate as an example. It is quite a functional app when it comes to live streaming. It lets you watch live TV and over 200 channels which is more than enough to entertain users. Vidmate comes with certain features that make the app useful.

For instances, vidmate lets you save a video clip in different formats. Plus, it does not take hours to download a video so you are sure to save your favorite video in just a few minutes. Moreover, you will not disappoint when it comes to the quality of the video either.

However, in recent times, another video downloader is creating a buzz and that is TubeMate APK.

It would not be wrong to say that TubeMate is a must have app for every smartphone owner. With its functionality and straightforward features, it is likely to beat Vidmate in the future.


What is TubeMate APK 2019?

tubemate apk 2019

It is an app just like Vidmate that performs better than it. TubeMate APK will attract to those who want to download videos directly to their phones.

Moreover, TubeMate lets you save visual content from social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or others.

Isn’t it interesting? Because of this factor, you are sure to use it to save your favorite videos or even TV shows. TubeMate APK 2019 comes with jaw-dropping features which are easy-to-use.

Not only this, the developers of the application has kept it pretty simple and functional that you can learn to use in one go. If you are wondering, TubeMate is one of the top-ranked apps in the Android apps market.

The developers have made a unique app that lets you download just audio from the video. You will find more details about this feature below.

To be precise, TubeMate APK 2019 is a perfect application that handles multiple tasks single-handedly.


How to Install TubeMate APK

Take note that you cannot find TubeMate APK on Google Play Store. So, you need to get it through a different app installation process which is known as APK file downloading.

This part is not as complicated as it seems. Plus, it does not even require you to be a tech enthusiast. You only need to know the settings to run the installation and you are good to go.   

So, once you run APK file installation successfully, you can install TubeMate APK on any Android device for free. Moreover, make sure your Android device such as a smartphone or tablet is running on Android OS 2.3 or higher. If you are planning to use it on a smartphone, you need to have 1GB/2GB.

Also, make sure that APK is downloaded on your mobile phone. If you try to install through the third party, it will give installation blocked error. You can also install TubeMate APK directly but for this, you need to click on APK file once downloading is finished.

And, you can run the app after a few seconds. To enable this option, you can go to the menu of your device. Click on security and then settings. You need to type ‘enable unknown sources’ in the search tab and mark tick on the box given beside it.

After this, you need to go to download section and to click on APK file to run the installation. If it asks for permission, press yes. It will take a few minutes to complete the download. And then, you can download visual content from your Android device without any hassle.

Plus, TubeMate also features a converter that allows you to convert files according to the compatibility of the computer or other devices.


Features of TubeMate APK 2019

Here are some exciting features of TubeMate APK 2019 that makes it a perfect alternative app of Vidmate.


There is nothing as convenient as retrieving a content in high resolution. TubeMate lets you download a video along with the resolution you want. You can choose the resolution and tap to start downloading your favorite visual content.

Fast and Unlimited Download

If you want to download all your favorite videos, TubeMate APK 2019 allows you to do it. It does not only allow unlimited download, but it ensures you get them fast. You can even assign one or more connections to download your content in just one go.

TubeMate Uses Link

Have you ever liked a short visual clip on Instagram but remain unable to download it? TubeMate APK 2019 have solved this problem for you. With the help of it, you can save your favorite videos from YouTube, Facebook, and other channels too.

Different Formats

There are many apps that let you download a video with certain formats. This factor is annoying as you can miss out on a lot of worthy content. However, opting for TubeMate APK 2019 can prevent you from the troubles of different formats. This is because the app allows you to save visual content in MP4 and FLV formats.

User-Friendly App

If you love to watch music videos, TV shows, or other entertainment stuff, you must be familiar with the struggle to find the content you need. There is plenty of content available on the internet so it is overwhelming to find your favorite TV show.

That is why TubeMate is considered a practical app. It features a search option where you can simply type the video title and find it within seconds. This factor sets TubeMate apart from the apps available currently.

Allows Multitasking

Multitasking is one of the useful features of TubeMate. Therefore, you can assign multitasking tasks to it that run in the background. And, you can continue using the apps.

Video Sharing

Sharing videos on social media platforms have also become easier with TubeMate. So, when you download a video, change the location on the SD card and you can share videos.

Multiple Downloads

Using TubeMate is ideal in numerous ways. One of the best features of the app is that it lets you download several videos at a time. There is nothing as satisfying as saving your favorite content on your device and watch them later without interruption.

Not only this, TubeMate is made user-friendly in every way. Hence, you can even pause or resume your downloads. These features come in handy when you are downloading a video but need to do an important task in the middle of it.

MP3 Audio

Apart from visual content, you are sure to get audio using TubeMate. This may sound bizarre but you can actually download the audio from any visual content and have it converted in MP3. So, you can create your own MP3 audio list or music library. This part surely attracts to you if you are a music fan.

Final Verdict

There is no question that you can use vidmate or other apps download videos. However, the features of TubeMate lets you do more than downloading a video. From downloading speed to performing multiple tasks at a time, TubeMate has revolutionized video downloading.

If you have used other downloaders, exploring TubeMate will be an astounding experience for you. You can run it on Android apps, set resolution, pause or resume downloading and so on.

Thus, if you are looking for a practical video downloader, give TubeMate APK 2019 a try and it will not disappoint you. You will find a visual clip and save it in your device in just seconds as well.

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